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Berlingske Tidende bringer et trist eksempel på demokratiets trange kår i EU (eller BU?)

Anders Skovsted Buch

Research interests:

Algebraic Geometry and Algebraic Groups 2004
Conference for June 7-11 this summer at Aarhus University.
Coorganized with Jesper F. Thomsen.
The modular Lusztig conjecture in small rank
Littlewood-Richardson Calculator
Aarhus Algebra Seminar 2003


Lineære algebraiske grupper (spring 2005)
Repræsentationsteori (fall 2004)
Schubert Calculus (spring 2004)
Algebraisk Geometri (spring 2003)
Kommutativ Algebra (fall 2002)

Torben Anton Buch:

Here are some pictures of my son.


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