Students supervised by Søren Asmussen

Ph.D. level

Lars Norvang Andersen (current)
Area: Asymptotics for Levy processess

Leonardo Rojas-Nandayapa (current)
Area: Sums of dependent random variables

Sebastian Rasmus (graduated 2006)
Derivative Proces for Models Using Levy Processes and Markov Switching Electronic version

Mats Pihlsgaard (graduated 2005)
Two-Barrier Problems in Applied Probability: Algorithms and Analysis Electronic version
Employed at Codan Insurance, Copenhagen.

Mikael Signahl (graduated 2003)
Topics in Simulation and Stochastic Analysis Electronic version
Currently postdoc at Oslo University, Norway

Jakob Riishede Møller (graduated 2000)
On Matrix-Analytic Methods and Collective Risk in Life Insurance

Zbigniew Michna (graduated 1998)
Ruin Probabilities and First passage Times for Self--Similar Processes
Employed at The Economical University, Wroclaw, Poland

Bjarne Højgaard (graduated 1997)
Stochastic Processes in Insurance
Employed at Department of Mathematics, Aalborg University, Denmark

Mogens Bladt (graduated 1993)
Computational Methods in Applied Probability
Employed at IIMAS, Universidad Autonoma Mexico

Master's level HR>

Jimmy Ohlsson (2002)
Computational methods for Levy-driven Russian options

Mats Pihlsgaard (2001)
Martingale methods for many-server queues

Bjarne Højgaard & Jakob Riishede Møller (1994)
Markov additive processes with queueing applications

Hanne Mandrup Nielsen (1993)
Ruin probabilities via local adjustment coefficient

Lotte Fløe Henriksen (1992)
Ruin probabilities in the presence of large claims and Markov-modulation

Niels Bach Petersen (1991)
Performance of a local area network

Søren Schock Petersen (1986)
Ruin probabilities expressed in terms of storage processes

Helle Holst (1985)
Continuity problems in many-server queues

Simon Holmgaard (1984)
The E(k)/G/1 queue