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1st December, 2011

I have just added a file I used for my dADS2 exam: an overview of all the algorithms discussed in the course and their running time. Find it in the sidebar to your left, if you would like to view it (it's quite useful for doing your exam as quickly as possible).

8th November, 2011

I have finnished coding the exercise divider tool. Check it out in the instructor tools section.

28th October, 2011

If you are an instructor and have a hard time learning the names of your students, you can use my newly created names tool to learn them in a fun and interactive way!

27th October, 2011

The course Calculus 1 E2011 has been concluded and the page is kept mainly for purposes of copy-pasting it next year. The page for the course Calculus 2 E2011 also goes live now!

In entirely unrelated news, I intend to make the instructor-tools page useful soon, with lots (probably 3) cool scripts for instructors.

26th August, 2011

Ok, so I'm just finnishing the bare minimum for this site to be even slightly useful. More content and fanciness will be comming soon, but for now, please don't be offended when the links don't do anything, or in general: when things don't really appear to work. I am working on it :-)