Algorithms and Datastructures: Algorithm Cheat-Sheet

In 2010 i took the course Algorithms and Datastructures 2 (dADS2). As a part of my exam preparation i wrote down a list of the algorithms discussed in the course and their various running times.

I expect this file could be of use to other people taking the course, so here it is! If you have corrections for it (or just updates, as the course changes), you can email me, or just make them yourself - I am making both a the PDF and .tex versions available for download below.

Download PDFDownload .tex

Please note that the file is in Danish for now. If you translate it, please send me the translated version, I will be sure to credit you! Disclaimer: I do not claim that there information given in the file are 100% correct. If you fail your exam because of relying on it being so, I can not be held responsible for your foolishness!