Introduction to R

This page describes the course 'Introduction to R', a course at PhD level under the PhD School at Faculty of Science and Technology (GSST), Aarhus University. The course is offered and maintained by the Applied Statistics Laboratory at the Department of Mathematics, Aarhus University.

The course yields 1 ECTS point.

Target group: PhD students applying statistics, with emphasis on biological, agricultural and environmental sciences.
The course is thought as a preparatory course for a range of courses on applied statistics that use R as a tool (e.g. the course
Basic Statistical Analysis in Life and Environmental Sciences)

The course will be offered two times in 2017: Spring (February 21st and 23rd) and Fall. Both courses will be in Aarhus.

Course Description
  1. Introduction to edition in an R environment
  2. Basic data structures in R
  3. Methods to read and write data in R
  4. Basic calculations and manipulations of data in R
  5. Simple descriptive statistics and graphical representation of data in R
  6. Installing and using packages in R.

At the end of the course the PhD student should be able to: Read and write data in R, perform basic operations with variables and vectors, make simple tabulations, use simple functions, use repeated and conditional calculations, reshape and merge data sets and draw simple graphs in R.

Course Responsible:

Rodrigo Labouriau

Department of Mathematics
Faculty of Science and Technology
Aarhus University.


The lectures will be in the Department of Mathematics, Building 1531, room 019 (DO3), Tuesday the 21st and and Building 1531, room 130 (AUD), Thursday the 23rd
Ny Munkegade 118
8000 Aarhus C.

Language and software:

The course will be in English.

The Software R will be used in the course. I recommend you to install the version of R and the software RStudio (both are freeware) indicated in the links below:

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