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Simon Kristensen's homepage

For reasons unknown, you have made your way to my web-page. Most of the stuff here is mathematics related, so if you have no interest in mathematics, please move along. Nothing to see here!

The present version of the page is exclusively in English. In time, I will add information in Danish for the benefit of any local readers. For now, you will have to read the English version.

I currently work as a Lecturer (Associate Professor for those of you who speak American) at the Department of Mathematical Sciences at the Aarhus University. In my previous position, I was funded by a Fellowship from the Carlsberg Foundation. Prior to this, I was a Steno Research Fellow for three years also at Aarhus. The Steno Fellowship was awarded by the Danish Natural Sciences Research Council. I have previously been employed by the University of Edinburgh and the University of York. Before that, I was a post-graduate student in Liverpool and Strasbourg and even further back, I was an under-graduate student in here Aarhus. The full details are in my CV (always assuming the currently posted version is up to date...).

I am originally from Denmark, so Viking blood flows in my veins. I was born in Aarhus (a few hundred metres from my current office) and grew up in Aalborg. For any visitors who are weak on Scandinavian geography, these are the two largest cities in Jutland, the part of Denmark which is shaped like the face of a man with a hat, and which is attached to Germany. Aarhus is right beneath the nose and Aalborg is just below the hat.

I think this is quite enough introductory chatter. Feel free to have a look around. If you have not been scared off yet, there may be frightening stuff elsewhere on this page.