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Ideas for topics for Masters' and Bachelor projects

Resources for students writing projects


2017, Autumn
Geometry on groups
2017, Spring
2016, Autumn
Curvature flows for curves and surfaces
Introduction to topology
2016, Spring
Riemannian geometry
2015, Autumn
Geometry on groups
2015, Spring
Introduction to gauge theory
2014, Autumn
Curvature flows for curves and surfaces
2014, Spring
Cohomology and homotopy theory
2013, Autumn
Riemannian geometry
2013, Spring
Knot theory
2012, Autumn
Riemannian holonomy
2012, Spring
Riemannian geometry
2011, Autumn
Introduction to topology


Bachelor Projects

  • Kathrine Tang Riewe: Parallel transport and holonomy (2017)
  • Jacob Yde Sinkjær Sørensen: Hopf-Rinow Theorem (2017)
  • Lena Mølgaard Laustsen: Genus of knots (2016)
  • Nikolaj Sodemann: Hyperbolic tesselation and Poincaré's polygon theorem (2016)
  • Morten Kaj Jul Degnebolig Mouritzen: Geodesics and the Hopf-Rinow theorem (2015)
  • Brian Veis Pennerup: Gauss' linking number and Calugareanus' theorem (2015)
  • Lone Koed: The Gauss-Bonnet theorem for compact surfaces (2015)
  • Andreas Kristian Pedersen: Surfaces of constant mean curature (2015)
  • Yuki Koyanagi: Smooth manifolds and the Poincaré-Hopf theorem (2015)
  • Johan Borre: Minimal surfaces in space and the strong halfspace theorem (2014)
  • Mette Schulz: Frobenius' theorem (2014)
  • Rune Christiansen: Classification of topological manifolds and the 3-dimensional Poincaré homology sphere/ (2014)
  • Nana Halle: Hilbert's theorem for surfaces in space (2014)
  • Irene Frank Kristensen: Knot theory: the Conway polynomial in two variables (2013)
  • Kenneth Rasmussen: Symplectic geometry, moment maps and the Marsden-Weinstein quotient (2012)
  • Mikkel Stouby Petersen: Minimal surfaces in R3: Weierstrass representations and Costa's surface (2012)

At the University of Southern Denmark:

  • Anders Skovgaard Knudsen: Lie algebras and Maple (2011)
  • Michael Bæhring Madsen: Gröbner bases and their applications (2010)
  • Camilla Wendelboe: Non-Euclidean geometry following Klein (2010)
  • Inger Søgaard Sørensen: Knots and invariants (2007)
  • Thomas Bruun Madsen: Integration on manifolds (2006)
  • Uffe Merrild Thygesen Mose: The Isoperimetric inequality (2005)
  • Kasper Solberg Hansen: Bonnet pairs and the quaternions (2003)
  • Dan Quoc Cao: Symplectic geometry of surfaces of revolution (2003)
  • Mie Jensen: Octonions and projective geometry (2002)
  • Christian Laasby Nielsen: Differential topology (2001)
  • Jens Munk Hansen: Complex functions and minimal surfaces (2001)

At Odense University:

  • Morten Thomassen: Generel topologi (1994)

Masters Projects

  • Jonas Husum Dalstrup, Strominger's system on complex Lie groups (2017)
  • Mette Lysgaard Schulz, Projective special real geometries (2016)
  • Johan Raunkjære Borre: Hermitian structures and cohomogeneity one spaces of dimension 4 and 6 (2016)
  • Niklas Kjærgaard Madsen: Lie algebra with a stably Ricci diagonal basis (2015) (pdf version)
  • Jonas Rye Kristensen: Seifert surfaces and alternating links (2015) (pdf version)
  • Mikkel Stouby Petersen: Invariants for Legendre links in R3 (2014) (pdf version)

At the University of Southern Denmark:

  • Rasmus Mejldal: Complex manifolds and strong geometries with torsion (2004)
  • Michael Hansen: Geometric quantization and Kähler geometry (2003)
  • Kristian Kvist: Geometry of Kendall's shape space (2003)
  • Benny Lassen: Functionals for special Kähler geometries in dimension 6 and 7 (2002)
  • Marianne Weye Sørensen: Neutral hyperKähler structures (2002)
  • Thomas Peter Andersen: The moduli space of complex Lagrangian submanifolds (2001)
  • Mikkel Thygesen: The moduli space of special Lagrangian submanifolds (2001)

At Odense University:

  • Richard Cleyton: The Seiberg-Witten invariants (1996)


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