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Ideas for topics for Masters' and Bachelor projects

Resources for students writing projects



Bachelor Projects

  • Kathrine Tang Riewe: Parallel transport and holonomy (2017)
  • Jacob Yde Sinkjær Sørensen: Hopf-Rinow Theorem (2017)
  • Lena Mølgaard Laustsen: Genus of knots (2016)
  • Nikolaj Sodemann: Hyperbolic tesselation and Poincaré's polygon theorem (2016)
  • Morten Kaj Jul Degnebolig Mouritzen: Geodesics and the Hopf-Rinow theorem (2015)
  • Brian Veis Pennerup: Gauss' linking number and Calugareanus' theorem (2015)
  • Lone Koed: The Gauss-Bonnet theorem for compact surfaces (2015)
  • Andreas Kristian Pedersen: Surfaces of constant mean curature (2015)
  • Yuki Koyanagi: Smooth manifolds and the Poincaré-Hopf theorem (2015)
  • Johan Borre: Minimal surfaces in space and the strong halfspace theorem (2014)
  • Mette Schulz: Frobenius' theorem (2014)
  • Rune Christiansen: Classification of topological manifolds and the 3-dimensional Poincaré homology sphere/ (2014)
  • Nana Halle: Hilbert's theorem for surfaces in space (2014)
  • Irene Frank Kristensen: Knot theory: the Conway polynomial in two variables (2013)
  • Kenneth Rasmussen: Symplectic geometry, moment maps and the Marsden-Weinstein quotient (2012)
  • Mikkel Stouby Petersen: Minimal surfaces in R3: Weierstrass representations and Costa's surface (2012)

At the University of Southern Denmark:

  • Anders Skovgaard Knudsen: Lie algebras and Maple (2011)
  • Michael Bæhring Madsen: Gröbner bases and their applications (2010)
  • Camilla Wendelboe: Non-Euclidean geometry following Klein (2010)
  • Inger Søgaard Sørensen: Knots and invariants (2007)
  • Thomas Bruun Madsen: Integration on manifolds (2006)
  • Uffe Merrild Thygesen Mose: The Isoperimetric inequality (2005)
  • Kasper Solberg Hansen: Bonnet pairs and the quaternions (2003)
  • Dan Quoc Cao: Symplectic geometry of surfaces of revolution (2003)
  • Mie Jensen: Octonions and projective geometry (2002)
  • Christian Laasby Nielsen: Differential topology (2001)
  • Jens Munk Hansen: Complex functions and minimal surfaces (2001)

At Odense University:

  • Morten Thomassen: Generel topologi (1994)

Masters Projects

  • Mette Lysgaard Schulz, Projective special real geometries (2016)
  • Johan Raunkjære Borre: Hermitian structures and cohomogeneity one spaces of dimension 4 and 6 (2016)
  • Niklas Kjærgaard Madsen: Lie algebra with a stably Ricci diagonal basis (2015) (pdf version)
  • Jonas Rye Kristensen: Seifert surfaces and alternating links (2015) (pdf version)
  • Mikkel Stouby Petersen: Invariants for Legendre links in R3 (2014) (pdf version)

At the University of Southern Denmark:

  • Rasmus Mejldal: Complex manifolds and strong geometries with torsion (2004)
  • Michael Hansen: Geometric quantization and Kähler geometry (2003)
  • Kristian Kvist: Geometry of Kendall's shape space (2003)
  • Benny Lassen: Functionals for special Kähler geometries in dimension 6 and 7 (2002)
  • Marianne Weye Sørensen: Neutral hyperKähler structures (2002)
  • Thomas Peter Andersen: The moduli space of complex Lagrangian submanifolds (2001)
  • Mikkel Thygesen: The moduli space of special Lagrangian submanifolds (2001)

At Odense University:

  • Richard Cleyton: The Seiberg-Witten invariants (1996)


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